Viewport messed up

For some reason my HDR is showing up a lot darker in the viewport render than in the world preview and the actual render (F12) is perfect. Also the “material” view is only showing solid black(unselected items), solid yellow(selected objects) and solid green (grouped objects) as in the attached images

I’m using a standard startup file with my preferred settings that I use in every new blender project but never had this happen before. Is it likely I may have accidentally changed a setting somewhere or could the file be corrupted somehow?

I’ll have to put this down to either a PC and/or buggy blender file as I finally bought a GPU and added 2.79 kernel files and it seems to be ok now :man_shrugging:
It seems I’ve had remove and reinstall 2.79 every few months as my system wasn’t suitable for 2.8x but now I’m finally GPUed up I can find out what all the 2.8 hype is about :partying_face: