Viewport movement

Is it possible to move the viewport around FPS style, like gtkRadiant, worldcraft etc
I’m having problems modeling the inside of buildings. Any tips? :Z

well, not exactly FPS style, but pressing Shift-F while in camera view gets you into camera fly mode.

LMB accelerates you forward, MMB backwards. Move the mouse to look around.

CTRL lowers the camera and Alt raises the camera.

When you’re satisfied with the position/angle, spacebar saves the transformation. ESC to cancel.

There are probably better ways, but for modelling building interiors, build the room “shell” first. Then copy it and put the copy on a separate layer. Delete two walls and the ceiling in this copy. This lets you look in shaded view at what you’re doing inside without switching to perspective and moving your view. When rendering, switch back the layer with the full room.

Or maybe that’s not what you were asking at all :stuck_out_tongue:

In any case, good luck and have fun blending :slight_smile: