Viewport moves a bit when moving mouse


On Ubuntu 14.04 (kernel 3.16 and using Bumblebee with nvidia-304) the viewport moves a bit when I hover my mouse to other panels, such as the properties and info panels. Has anyone experienced this? It’s a small issue but it can be a bit distracting when you start noticing it. I tested using both proprietary drivers and the Nouveau drivers. Also tested on stable and Gooseberry branches (although with less occurrence in stable from my testing). On Windows this does not happen.

Excuse me for the quality of the gif, I’m still kinda new to this stuff but I think it’s noticeable!

Thank you!

I kinda solved it by using the free drivers and setting the Window Draw Method to Full. It’s a workaround but it would be nice to figure out a solution to this so I can use the GPU with Cycles

EDIT: Solved it by using primusrun with the variable PRIMUS_SYNC=2 ($ PRIMUS_SYNC=2 primusrun ./blender). Hopefully it will be useful to someone