Viewport navagation by keyboard

New to Blender…2 months using v2.46/v2.47.
Wow…has this program changed from 2 years ago!
Great job in the new additions.

Now my question.
I was wondering if I can navagate the viewport using hot keys…like you can in Hexagon.
I had a car accident a few years ago(broke both hands) and navagating with keys is easer than using mouse.
I’m not trying to turn blender in to hex…just want to navagate this way!
I have read the manual…but I’m still abit unsure on the procedure.

Cam movments would be like…
Arrow up=tilt up
arrow down=tilt down
arrow left=rotate left
arrow right=rotate right
alt or ctrl arrow left, right, up, down=pans left, right, up, down.
Hope that’s clear?
I see that the arrow keys are already used…how will this affect blender if I change it’s default setup?

Can this be set up by hot keys or do I use a python script?
Could use some guidance.

You can use the numpad to rotate. 1 for front, 3 for side, 7 for top, 2 for rotate down, 8 for up, 4 for left, 6 for right, - for zoom in, + for zoom out and 5 for switching between orthographical and perspective. :smiley: If you don’t have a numpad, then in the user preference window at the top of the screen look for emulate numpad and Control-U to save. :smiley:

You can tilt and rotate using the 2,4,6,8 (arrow) keys on your number pad. In Camera view (Numpad 0) press Shift-F to enter fly mode and use the + / - keys to zoom and WASD to move the view. You will find more hot keys listed in the wiki here:

Thank you both for the help…I will give this a try.
Do not remember what “WASD” is?

WASD are just the W, A, S, D keys on your keyboard. They are commonly used as arrow keys in video games. W = Up, A = Left, S = Down, D = Right

Ahh…yes, I remember now.
Thanks again for the help.