Viewport optimization?


I subdivided a shape, the shape in the image below, and it had a very dense wireframe.
How can I have this mesh in the viewport with the most organized wireframe? what was it like before the subdivision modifier was applied?

without , of course , turning off the viewport 's wireframe ?

it cost


Set the viewport max subdivision to 0. This will set the max subd value for all objects in the viewport.

did not work.

I want to remember that I applied the subdivision modifier.

Sorry, edited the previous message…

Wait, did you actually APPLY the subd modifier?

In that case your only option is to unsubdivide with the Decimate modifier and restore the old version.

You cannot have your cake and eat it too: once the subd modifier is applied, it creates a new mesh, and it “forgets” about the previous mesh. So it is impossible to have it display the previous wires, of course.