Viewport Performance

I’m aware that Blender has some serious issues with viewport performance when it comes to using a nVIDIA card, therefore I am considering throwing in a ATI FirePro 4800 (I think that’s the model) in order to get good performance in the viewport. Rendering with GPU is not really an issue at this moment in time.

Is it worth investing in a dedicated workstation card to get good viewport performance? ATI cards seem to excel in OpenGL.

I would like to know this as well.

I too would like to know this. I had no idea Blender works better with an ATI card, that explains my lame viewport performance.

I can’t speak from experience but from what I keep reading it seems that AMD cards give better viewport performance but Blender still doesn’t take advantage of the pro card features. I just can’t believe any performance gains from the cards could be worth their crazy price though.