Viewport render animation looks different, more muted than viewport render image

Hi, all! I’ve noticed that when rendering a “playblast” from the viewport set to EEVEE final render mode, the animation colors look muted compared to a single viewport render still. Does anyone know what could be causing this?
Viewport and render settings:

Viewport render image (this is how it should look):

Viewport render animation (single frame, looks very dull):

Any thoughts or tip that could help me?

It probably doesn’t have time to add all the lights and or shadows before it has to move on to the next frame.

Doesn’t seem like that’s the cause to me, because the shadows are there, but everything is grayed out, like if it were using a different view transform, or something like that.

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Did you try playing with different looks under Render Properties > Color Management > View Transform?

I did. I just found that it’s a regression that needs to be fixed:

I guess I’ll get by until it’s fixed and/or use an old version if I really need it.

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Thanks for posting the answer.

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