Viewport Render Mode Works / Actual Render Blank (previously worked)


I am unable to render my current file. It shows up in the viewport when I select Rendered for the Viewport Shading option. All objects are on the same layer. It worked before many times while I was dialing in the materials and textures. When I select render image for any frame in the project, it renders in less than a second as if there were nothing in the scene. I am at a loss and feel I have made a simple mistake somewhere.


Late 2013 iMac: OSX 10.9
Blender 2.69


UFO-004.blend (910 KB)

Select the correct camera for the renderer

Thanks so much, Richard! That worked like a charm. I have been killing myself trying to find out why that wasn’t working. I knew it must be something simple…that didn’t make it easier for me to find.