Viewport Renderings Stuck at 1/128 Samples

Hey i currently creat a little roundflight but when i tried to render it in viewport to shade the VDB my rendering is like “looping” at 1/128 samples and doesn’t go further. Anyone had this before?

I am Using CPU Cycles and Blender 2.91

The problem doesn’t appear to happen in 2.90

It’s probably which has been fixed in later builds. No word yet on if there will be another 2.91.x release to address some bugs.

I found that too but with Viewport Denoising on Openimagedenoise and 1 Sample start he doesn’t even go to 1 sample he is now currently endlessly switching between “Updating Mesh” “Updating Scene BVH”

interessting enough is that when switching to “branched path tracing” it works

I found the problem. I reported it

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