Viewport representation of projections

If I use Coordinates “Generated” and Projection “Tube” it doesn’t show the projection in the viewport, only in the final render. It appears to be using the unwrapped UVs (if unwrapped) instead for viewport preview. Is this the normal behavior or am I doing something wrong?

It’ll only show a true application of the texture when it is mapped to UV coordinates. (will show in the viewport for other projections but not mapped correctly) The texture would have to be an image texture, not a procedural texture and the 3d view should be set to textured and in the Properties / Display panel, set to GLSL Shading

I see. Thanks that cleared things up! I thought the projections in the texture panel are the same as the projections (mappings) in Maya. I saw the projections in the unwrap shortcut floating panel and those work fine for me :).