Viewport Rotation Problem

So this has happened to me before but this time I need to finish the scene and its really bugging me, by default the viewports rotation is at an angle. Does anyone know how this can be fixed? And no everything in the scene is not at an angle its all level with the starting grid

probably I’ll miss the point, but you can “center” viewport rotation on a selected object pressing Num Pad . key (point), or Shift-C keys for the entire scene.

It says user persp in the upper corner. You can select front view (numpad 1) and it should say front persp or ortho and be squared up. Does that not fix your problem? Have you tried dragging with MMB down to change the rotation of the view?
If it comes back to this as you go in and out of camera view, that’s what you should expect because Blender remembers the last view position before camera view.

Yes, Pressing 1 or 3 on the numpad will level you out in orbit.