Viewport Rotation

Are there any preferences for viewport rotation. I use alot of other 3D packages and I find the viewport rotation kind of wonky in Blender. I know some apps let you change to different rotation methods just curious if there are options in Blender for this?

I looked but couldn’t find it and I searched this forum and didn’t see any post about it.



yeah, pull down the info buttons and it is under the View and Controls tab

the other option, “turntable” is also wonky
[it appears what it rotates around when you move up and down depends on where [relative to the left and right] your cursor starts]

I hate to sound like a tard, it’s been a while since I’ve used Blender. I can’t find the Info Buttons.


Oh I found it…thanks. Forgot about the stuff hidden up top.

Thanks. Turntable is a little better.