Viewport settings

Hi all. I’m new to Blender and graphics in general. At the moment I’m trying to figure out if Blender can remember the last view for each individual viewport. For example, if I’m in front view at some particular angle, and I go to top view and adjust the angle, when I come back to front view, the angle has changed because of my adjustments in top view. If possible, I would like for each viewport to work independently, none influencing the others’ view angles and zoom positions. Hopefully that makes sense. If there is a setting for this, can someone clue me in? I had a good look around, but at this point, I’m still learning the interface and what the various menu options and buttons do.

This should help but if you are looking for same kind of command as in 3ds max then you are out of luck.

Also you can put the camera to actual view with ctrl+alt+numpad 0.

Unless I’m missing something, that video doesn’t cover what I’m after, although it has some good info on using the cameras. I guess this is one of those things that I’ll add to my list of ongoing questions. Maybe after I know more about how to do things in Blender, it won’t be an issue.

I have watched a lot of cgboorman’s videos over the last week, which have been very helpful in learning Blender so far, but I had not made it that far up the list yet. Ctrl + alt + num 0 (set camera to current view) and ‘Lock camera to view’ are good stuff to know. I’m not used to using so many key combos, as seems to be the norm in Blender, but I’m getting used to it.

Yes indeed blender rely heavily on shortcuts but once you will get the grip on it you will find all others 3d app clunky specially in modeling.

I would also love to see an undo view in blender but it doesn’t seem to be in the roadmap or maybe i miss it.