Viewport Shading in Ver 2.80

When I switch the viewport shading from ‘Solid’ to ‘Rendered’ the object becomes difficult to see. The entire viewport scene looks greyed out.
Render Engine Setting : Eevee

Is there a settings adjustment for this, or could it be my graphics processor is not up to spec?
My laptop is a base model with an AMD A4-7210 APU (CPU + GPU on the same chip)
AMD Radeon R3 Graphics

Viewport Shading: Solid

Viewport Shading: Rendered

In render shading, there is only a grey background color lightning your scene and a default point light (if you kept it). That’s why it’s like that. You must setup your world shader to use an equirectangular texture. Or switch to material preview. Or configure your render shading mode to use the default integrated hdr instead of creating your world environement.(last arrow icon top right of 3d view)

Thanks for your reply.
I managed to improve it somewhat, not sure exactly how though as I clicked a couple of things and can’t remember the sequence … :sweat_smile:
At the same time I lost the shiny metallic surface look that I had setup.
I might have to take a break before my brain pops a gasket after several hours getting stuck on various processes and settings…

This is the viewport display in Rendered Mode now:

When I click the drop down arrow for the viewport shading there are no options available in Rendered view, I have to switch back to Solid view to see options in the dropdown menu

Now at this stage.
Had trouble with the surface smoothing and shading…so much more to learn!