Viewport Shading Question

I’m working on a model that is black and dark grey in color. This makes the viewport shading feature almost useless when editing the mesh. Is there a way to set the viewport shading color different from the material color of the object?

In the user preferences window under “system & opengl” you can configure up to 3 lights with whatever colour and direction you wish. Alternatively just create another material for your object to use while editing and change back to the other for rendering.

Hope this helps,

why not:
set the material color to your liking for edit mode

make texture 1, an inverted None Texture with your intended material color

The opengl lighting helps. Thanks. I’ll try the texture idea too.

I have this same problem. To make an easy work around, change one colour slider to max. Change back for rendering.

Open gl lights help a massive amount but not with very dark materials.