Viewport size and render resolution in the Game Engine

I am trying to adapt a Blender game developed by someone else. It was originally made for display on an FHD resolution of 1920x1080 pixels (16:9).

It contains a main scene displaying the game environment with a moving camera. The main scene is covered by a black plane in an overlay scene with a different camera. Within this black plain there is a hole enabling the player to see a (large) part of the main scene through it.

Now I want to run the same game on 4:3 resolution but instead of rescaling the whole game I would like to keep the viewport dimensions of the camera in the main scene the same. Something similar to using letterbox framing with the BGE resolution set to a 4:3 variant.

However I want to use the extra vertical space, in 4:3 as opposed to 16:9, by extending the black plane in the overlay scene to display some information at the bottom.

I thus need two camera’s with different viewport dimensions within a single game. Furthermore, I would like to move the main camera’s viewport up (16:9), relative to the display window. Thus, unlike letterbox framing, I want all the residual space for the 16:9 viewport to be at the bottom.

Is this possible at all? If not so, can I somehow accomplish the same effect in a different way?

search for viewport or splitscreen

Thank you for the quick answer, Monster. The function setViewport() discussed in the threads you referred to seems to do most of what I needed.