Viewport style material in Cycles?

Does anyone know how to make or have a material for cycles that they would share that has the same look as the OpenGL Solid display viewport? Usually people ask for the opposite(which makes searching for the answer so difficult too), but I’m trying to recreate the same style lighting as the Solid display viewport but in Cycles where you can render it at much higher resolution.

Is there a reason you can’t just do an OpenGL Render? From the main menu bar, choose the Render dropdown and then OpenGL Render Image

Yeah because I still want to be able to change diffuse and blend other nodes in. Basically, I’d like the shading of the fake light in Solid 3D View but still have the flexibility of nodes and cycles.

It’s definitely a weird request, I know. I was mainly posting to see if anyone else had already figured it out because I’ve tried but the closest I’ve got isn’t really the same thing.