Viewport unhide hidden objects

Does anybody know what would be the best way to quickly unhide objects that are hidden only for viewport? Sometimes there are objects which appear in render but shouldn’t and the problem is I cannot find them to turn them off because they are not visible in viewport. I actually need this quite often as I don’t work alone on a project so I can’t just find them in outliner.

ALT+H unhides everything, is that what you want?

Maybe the topic name is wrong. Those objects aren’t hidden with H so they can’t be turned on with ALT+H. They have been turned off to viewport visibility (that monitor icon is turned off, not the eye icon).

The closest thing I have found is to set the filter in outliner to show only hidden objects. This will filter out both the objects which have eye and monitor icon turned off. This isn’t the perfect solution but it can speed up search for those problematic objects.