Viewport vs Render animated visibility

At some point, Blender 2.8 had some crazy visibility toggle related to linked assets, but currently appears to mimic the 2.7x ways of toggling objects’ visibility for the viewport and renders. However the viewport visibility no longer seems to be keyframeable.


I wonder if the viewport “rendered” view shouldn’t actually respect the render visibility. It’s really tricky to navigate a scene where I do a lot of visibility toggling on the timeline. Is there a better workaround than using something like object view mode (textured/solid/wire/bounds)?

When i want to animate object visibility i usualy scale object to 0.
I had many troubles in animating visibility in 2.7 as when object is out of visibility time there is no way to select it, and also changing visibility of it just to select it added unwanted keyframes

  • 1 concerned with this. It’s on the way to be solved?

I was a bit concerned about motion blur being hosed due to the frame to frame sudden motion in cycles, but it seems to be fine so far. However having a render view reflect the render settings would be nice, now that we have plenty of ways to see things in the viewport.