Viewport web browser

Hey All,

I just started working with blender and was wondering if it is possible somehow to make one of the viewports a web browser so i can have a tutorial loaded in a viewport and work in the others.

I did a search but found nothing on this topic.


I do not think that you can do that. They best solution that I can think of is just have blender at half size on one side of the screen and then have the web browser on the other side of the screen.

Personally, when I am watching tutorials I watch the tutorial once so I get a visual idea of what is going on, then i go back through with blender open following along just by listening to it and playing it back in my head. Because really the only thing that you might need by seeing is where the buttons are or what shape or image you are going for.

hmm, too bad :frowning:

Where can I put in a feature request for this?