Viewport Zoom gets Locked

This is a really annoying thing that’s been happening at random, and I have yet to find a way around it. I am on Blender v4.0 and the context of this issue is entirely random.

When I press Numpad 0 to switch to Camera view, sometimes at random my Viewport becomes completely Locked when switching back through any means. Most times it Locks the Zoom so I can’t zoom in or out at all, not the slow zoom thing but ZERO zooming in or out just Locked where it is. Once or twice it was the inverse where I couldn’t pan and only could zoom, but most times its Zooming that gets Locked.

I’ve tried restarting Blender, I’ve gotten this issue on three different versions of Blender that I’ve updated to, I’ve tried exiting camera view through every means imaginable, it’s happened on all and none of them fix it.

The only thing that fixes this is spamming Control Z to undo until (I guess) whatever causes this is undone, but now this time THAT isn’t even working. I really don’t want to just scrap this project and restart but what else can I try?

This occurs in all blender versions. (Slow enlargement and reduction)
I don’t know the exact cause. (It seems to have to do with the scale of the scene.) :thinking:

A simple solution is to select an object and press the period (.) on the keyboard to zoom to that object.


I don’t know if it has the ability to lock in zoom.

It can be enlarged and reduced to +, - of the number input device on the keyboard.
It’s possible this way, but if it doesn’t work on the mouse, you should also think about the possibility that it’s a bad mouse.

It is definitely not my mouse, and it’s not a Slow zoom, I know that issue. I’m talking ZERO zoom at all. None. In or Out. Total lock.

I recently experienced the same problem (blender 4.1)
Certainly it wasn’t a matter of faulty manipulation or functionality. :thinking:

The cause of this problem is unknown and cannot be reproduced.
It happened during heavy view work that was burdensome at that time.

If the same problem continues to occur, try reporting the bug.