Something wrong with viewport projections in Blender or i just dont get it right?
This thing confuses me. How can i fix it?

You just don’t get it right…:smiley:
See here for more details.

It’s viewport right and left, not character right and left.

edit: …just like IkariShinji nicely illustrated

Thank you, guys and sorry for stupid questions!)
I understand that, but i think, that its totaly wrong ))

But why?! For what reason?
In real life you said to photograhier: “Hey, shoot this car from the front!” and he stand in front of this car and shoot it front side. Or you said: “Shoot this car from the left .” and he stand from the left side of the car and shoot its left side. No “anti-left”, or “left, but … right” ))

Can i just customize interface and rename viewport or something?

Just realized, that 3ds max have the same thing)

That very much depends on where you are and where you look when you say this to the photographer, no?

Say, you’re standing in front of the car, facing the car when saying that: If the photographer follows your order and goes to your “left”, his photo “from the left” will actually show the car’s right side and vice versa.

You will find this logic in many 3D apps because, welll, it is kind of “logical”. :smiley: