viewports won´t show imported model

Hello everybody,
I am architect and have been using 3d Studio for modeling for a long time.
I tested Blender for one year now and could imagine to switch entirely to
this great software. The only thing that makes me hesitating is the difficult procedure to import 3d models created with AutoCad. the best way is to import them as vrml1.0. (dxf doesn´t work because ofmissing data)

My actual question now is :
What do I need to consider? After I successfully imported an VRML file
I don´t see anything in the viewports. When scaling the model down it will be screened, but only as if a close and far clipping plane are cutting of parts of it. I wouldn´t like to need to scale the model down.
I guess it is related to a not matching unitsystem in AutoCad and Blender?
Many regards to all of you Oliver

I am afraid I dunno the solution, but if it is any help, you aren’t crazy coz I have had the same problems!

Anything that I have imported from AutoCad had to be scaled a lot. I don’t remember in which direction (larger or smaller) but a factor of 0.001 seems to ring a bell. Import it into a blank drawing (without a camera or lights etc) so you can press “a” (select all) to select it if you can’t see it. Note that pressing the home key in the 3d window should make all objects visible but I don’t know if it works in this case.

Hope this helps,

It should, unless the clipping distance is really to small compared to the object.
You can adjust clipping distance in the ViewPort properties panel (View Menu in the 3D view header), but I’d recomend scaling down the model instead (and applying it afterward with Ctrl-A).