viewrange and stuff in game-engine

I creating a flightsimulator in the blenderengine, and want to look in longer distans in the game-engine, I mean I wanna see longer on the world into the game, In the game I can´t see further than a short bit, It sucks then I building a flightgame there is important to see on long distans.
I know how to make this in editormode, but then I test the game, It dont work, how can I make so I can see longer in the gameengine…
Sorry for my crappy english… :Z

Well If you wana see far away in the game engine follow this steps :

1:click on the camera that’s going to be the 1 that will see far destance

#2:Now that your camera is selected make sure you go to the buttons menu

#3:then in the buttons menu go to editing { Note short cut key is F9 }
to get to the editing menu fast srry I pointed that out just now lol.

#4:then look under camera for something that says Clip End:100.000

#5:now you just change the # 100.000 to how far you want your camera to look the higher numbers it gose the further you can see in the game engine and what also is helpfull while doing this is to turn on show limits

I think I explained it good :wink:
If not some1 else can try to explain it better

thx mate, It is impossible to make it more clear than this… thx very much… :Z

No problem it is elsium I we gota help :wink: I may be a nebie on this forum but I am not not a nebie on blender game engine :slight_smile: execpt for some parts in it but I always find away around it :smiley: Once you get the hang of blender you’ll be good :wink: And help out other