Viking Boat

This will be my part of the Blender Guru Ancient Cultures competition, I hope you like it. Any feedback is welcome.

The render looks too simple and lacks realism. You got to work on almost everything. Best of luck, Bro.

My advice would be to find a different wood texture. I’d suggest something more brown, not the grey that you are using. I think it should also be more of a planked wood, the way it looks now is that it is all one piece. Go to and look into the Wood\Log or \Planked categories.

You should also redo the UV map, it looks like your texture is stretched a lot.

Looking forward to see what you do.

good idea but from what I recall from a documentary on vikings the hull was made out of many pieces of wood the were layered in a special way to make a sort of roof tiles/ dragon scale effect (each one overlapping the next one,) not 1 giant piece of wood. However if the ship was smaller they would probably make it out of just 1 piece of wood. Also I cant tell if this is in BI or Cycles but if its in Cycles you should add in a glossy shader with a noise texture as the color and a really high size value for it and mix it with the diffuse shader also have the noise value effect the mix shader value with a color ramp in between to control the value. Then do the same thing but plug it into the displacement. If you aren’t already using cycles I highly suggest you switch to it, after all it is for the competition is it not?