Viking Weapons

If you are interested in the project, there is a new thread that you can follow here: HERE

Hi all, looking for c+c on a new series I’m working on, mostly involving Viking weapons. Here is a first render of the first model, a round shield. There are 3 main parts to the model, the front plate, metal rim, and buckler in the middle. Each have a colour map and bump map. I’m looking for advice to increase the realism of the model and render. Thanks!


Looks good, maybe you could add paint scratches in the middle.

Agree, a few scratches and dirt would add to the realism. Maybe a tiny bit of reflection for the metal. Even dull metal reflects a little. I like the wood grain and the paint being a little uneven. Maybe a scene for it to go in if thats not outside the scope of the idea. Looks pretty cool so far though. Is that a faint blood stain I see in the top left? Maybe add a little bump to it rather than just a stain.

i did some roman shields

1 -
if you want some realism you should have some scene - i mean around the shield

2 - not certain but was it round and flat or curvy inward
like some roman models ?

3 - some scratch marking may be muds around or blood
cold make it mor realist too i guess
or may be put 2 shieds one very clean and the other one with all markings and blood

Happy blendering

here’s a bump map for battle dings that you can try if you want to make it look used.


Thanks guys, appreciate the feedback.

I will look at adding scratches to the front. Eventually the shield will be in a scene, perhaps an animation as well. Right now I’m just trying to focus on individual pieces and work on improving my texturing. Looking for a photo-realistic style if possible. Will continue to work on it.

Ok, here’s take 2 on the shield, finished the back, as well as added displacement maps to the metal elements, and bumped up the specular on the metal as well, makes it look a little rougher. Textures on the back are 2 wood colours and the leather on the strap. C+C welcomed, I can take it!!


here are reference images


Ok, here’s the next one, a viking sword…


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another view


Mind getting a closeup on the handle/hilt? Seems to me that the hilt is kind of “welded” to the edge… As for the handle - just haven’t seen it up close :slight_smile:
Keep it up!

Here’s a close up of the hilt where the blade joins. I improved the crease between the two to get rid of the “welded” look. There still seems to be a UV issue with the Hilt material which I will have to fix.


Here’s first look at the spear. There’s still some obvious seams in the UV textures, because the mesh is still a 1/4 object that is mirrored on both X and Y axis. Once I’m certain about the mesh, I’ll apply the modifier and redo the UV textures.


reference pic for spear


is this an old spear or a nodern version of it ?


Viking weapons didn’t have crossguards as far as I know. That was invented during the crusades.

the reference pic of the spear is of modern recreation of a viking type spear

you may be right about the crossguard being to big, they certainly had some crossguard, but maybe not as big. my reference pic was from a modern recreation sword and perhaps it’s not as accurate as I had hoped.

Hi all,

Took a break from weapons to start thinking about the characters for this project. I’ve started with the most obvious the viking lord (jarl) and a sample karl (landowner). This is a 2d paintover on top of a makehuman 3d model.

Using this to decide on colours, clothing, etc. Please note, I am aware that the cross on the sword is inaccurate for viking swords, I just haven’t remodelled it yet.


Nice! =) here’s my viking sword i made awhile ago… first sword i ever made though it’s very high poly!
i’m still new at blender though i have made various models helmets etc etc here’s some screens of the sword.

and here’s a link to some of my other models.

Goodluck with the Viking Series =) looks nice