Or Vikings. Decided to do something a bit more to my roots than anything instead of just literally messing around testing textures, modeling, etc.

Semi traditional drinking horn. Still have some texturing to complete, finish off the gold varnish & correct the valknut symbol a bit. Undecided if this one will be table top or with straps to be carried.

I like how you did the “etching” on the lighter colored part, what method did you use?

how did you do it ?
real 3D or bum normal or displace map in cycles?
any HDRI used?

nice work

happy cycles

For the method it is partially bump mapping and partially by “hand” - and very slow going - etched into the horn itself.

I took a more distance shot here to give an somewhat idea - you can see it at the dragons’ tails and at the angles more than actually head on.

How far I go for the detail depends entirely upon what I plan to do with it & if my machine can take it. That and most Viking horns aren’t deeply cut because a) it’s ivory and/or bone one is using and it can be fragile and b) deep cuts look shoddy unless they’re glazed afterwards.

still how did you sculpt it

dynamic sculpt or using skin modifier and retopo ?

it is looking good and more light under it so we better all the sculpting


dynamic sculpt hence the slow going.

I’ll probably have to move this higher up, but part of the strap carrier for the horn.

real 3D is the best including shadows

now this seems to be with only small bumps
might be possible to bake a normal map and still get a nice render
if needed to be put inside a much larger scene with lot of objects high res

happy cycles

Since I have the etching all vertex grouped / linked I decided to add onto the depth a bit however I won’t be going any deeper because then the definition is beginning to waver for the finer details [scales].

And since I had some discord, here’s a snapshot non rendered to show that yeah it is sculpted I’d have done a wireframe but the bracer at the bottom had 250,000 faces alone to shape so the horn is gigantic and really nothing but a mesh of wires.

Beginnings of a leather bracer / wrist arm guard.

Bracer wireframe if you can make it out.

As for the sudden sculpting turn in my work - I was sculpting dragons when I first started blender, I gave it up for a bit cause I didn’t have the time nor patience to do it.

The horn & bracer alone have taken me a couple weeks [my usual playing around takes me a single day or less, cause that’s just it, playing around].