Vikings : WC108 (7/20: 2nd image posted)

Update: Scroll down this page for a post-processed version of this render…

Here’s my entry for the Weekend Challenge:

Pure Blender 2.33a. All procedural textures except for the red lines on the sails.

Hope you like it!


The proportitions are a bit off. Compare your hand to the size of your face, it should be nearly the same size.

Direct sunlight from behind those dudes would be cool, with a spot halo (the sunset/sunrise kind, you know?)

I also think they should have real fat arms, so one would actually be scared of them…

The camera angle could be more exiting. Scare me!

Don’t misunderstand me, I only tell you what I don’t like.

Oooh - I like that!
They look a little like small hand-painted figurines. :smiley:



the hands are off and the axe is to thick - if you hit someone it would just dent them! Nice textures and good idea although that flag or whatever really throughs off the mood of the scene! :wink:

The only thing that bothers me is their skinny arms and hands. Other than that, very nice work as always !

hey nice work robertt, i agree they look like nice figurine models or action figures.
you have a very nice quality about your work, and i think you are really starting to get a real handle on your skills, and a real nice style

I like overall texturing, tough sea is bit too blue for my taste.
Also blade of axe could do some minor tweaking, looks like stone.

I like the modeling, those armors are reall nice looking, but some parts on your chracters look bit odd. Like the fingers of that viking, who is fielding that axe. but in over all, very nice.

nico: Thank you very much for taking the time to give some helpful feedback. I made some adjustments in light of your comments (reload picture above to see them). Not enough time though today (at least for the wc) to try an alternative light setup. A sunset might suit this scene very well :slight_smile:

Caleb72: Thanks Caleb! Viking action figures :smiley:

Prince: Yes you were right about the hands and the ax. I made some adjustments. Hands are still not perfect, but no time left for the wc :slight_smile: I also adjusted the sail texture so it’s less prominent.

Rhysy 2: Thanks! I made some adjustments earlier this evening. Reload the image to see them.

Wu: Thanks Wu :slight_smile: Hopefully the newer render is better. Skills are something I’m always try to improve, so each blend is a step forward, some small some big steps. This one maybe medium :slight_smile: It was fun though, educational like every other wc I’ve participated in, and well worth the experience.

Hippie: Thanks! I changed the ocean for you :slight_smile: I made some adjustments earlier this evening. Not perfect yet, but seems about right for a wc entry :slight_smile: Good luck in the wc! I hope your entry gets votes!


Here’s a post-processed version of my weekend entry. I colorized it and “sharpened edges.” I also added borders and roughed up the top and margins somewhat. I thought it looked good, so here it is :slight_smile:

Click here to view the image.


Ah, better, now they look like they can hold their weapons properly :wink:

Funky post-processing, looks like a woodcut or something - nice !

I was not really fond of the original picture, but the post-processed version is superb. good work

Ah, the sea looks much better now. old one was so blue, that it jumped right into viewers eyes, stealing attention from everything else in the scene. Much better now.

i like the post pro vesion too, sepia tones gives nice atmosphere to the image

I like the second one better, now it looks like a liflet which was probably posted on bars at the time…

“Join the army. See the world”