My last picture - there are still some work to do on the image … but i hope you will like it


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Nice mood - i really like your image. Perhaps some tiny details might add something to it, but overall it is really great. Well done!


Awesome, i really like it! Just one point, i think that the birds for how they are looking are not fitting in very well, but it is just my personal feeling about it.

Looks amazing, except for rough AA. Did you scale the image down or something? I also think adding in some actual Viking people would do nice.

really really great!!!

Well done yarpen, !!!

I like this alot, it looks like i am looking at real minitures

That is super rad. I totally love it. And not to criticize, but I was wondering if the size of the ripples in the water made the scene look like a miniature? I think that if you were looking at an actual lake from that distance the ripples would be smaller and more turbulent looking maybe?

I love the mood, and the color palet is very nice. The grassy hills, look AMAZING! :stuck_out_tongue:

The scene is excellent!!! I agree though it looks small… what focal length did you use?

That’s totaly awesome I love the atmosphere,every thing looks so … in place,I love the ship ,though the scale is weird in some places…
My only ctit is, Easter island head head,wtf? :smiley: (behind the wagon)

It thought the same thing, it looks very realisitic, but of minitures. Either way, awesome work.

Very very Nice…

the miniatures feel is because you’re lacking a horizon on the right hand side of the picture… if you trace the sides of the building back to the vanishing point the horizon is just sky … we should see the horizon above the roofline of most of the buildings with this perspective… some fog and really really distant mountains on the rhs would give this truly epic scale and depth…

Awesome picture !

I really like it!! I love the lightning, have you used yaf(a)ray? I really love the rocks and the terrain too… :eek:
But to get a perfect picture i think you should change something…
I totally agree with Michael W about the horizon… And i think that maybe you could add some “real” trees, if you don’t have time to model them you could find somes 3d models on the web, i. e. Finally you could add some dirt on the wood textures of the buildings, they look too new!! Or maybe you can just make them darker…
I hope you keep working on it because i think you can get a very impressive result!! :yes:

hi Yarper, long time not see!

Great image as always. Which engine have you used this time, I’m really curious.

Wow this is awesome!! <3 *5/5!

excellent work with the shading and lighting

Thank you for nice feedback and hints how to improve the image - i´m glad that you like it. I know that the picture looks like a wip a little . Originaly i planed to make a lot of figures there and some other buildings aswell, but to end i was really tired of making this picture and i lost inspiration . Maybe i will return to this image sometimes but i´m not sure when.

alvaro: thanks, i made this picture with blender + vray ( i do not use version 2.5 at this time)

neufeka: textures on the buildings are dirty enough - they look clean only from distance :slight_smile:

some pictures from wip - first image (AO) second Vray

wow!!! super amazing!!! I love this!!!