(srikanth0126) #1

hi guys i did this model for #102 #weeklycgc #vikingsage and i hope you guys like and need critique
i learnt a lot in this process and

(srikanth0126) #2

I like your help to improve details of model and pose please help

(DragonBytes) #3

I am not an expert but its beautiful :slight_smile:

(cgstrive) #4

Nice work, love the chainmail (tissue?).


  • change background to something more nordic, colder. Almost looks equatorial now. Maybe also some weather like snow.
  • the rock she is on could use the Displace modifier or microdisplacement
  • shield seems/reads a bit flat
  • skin is a bit yellowish
  • really focus on face, hair, paint - it makes or breaks the image

(srikanth0126) #5

Hi thanks for your comment
Chain mail made array and surface deform modifier and I will change what you said