Vilcus Plug

That’s just asking for trouble!

Im not even going near that link without more of a description of what it actually is.

Maybe Im being sensitive, but Ive become wary of people throwing up random links on the internet. Too many websites out there Id rather I haddnt visited… :no:

Engadget features various Art Lebedev concepts every now and then. Like this remote

And this coffee mug that can supposedly also iron shirts (though wasn’t on Engadget)

Every Lebedev design here

WARNING - PARTIAL NUDITY! Now I have this tingly feeling in my special place.

Since no one gave good reviews about the link, I will throw caution to the wind and not click on it. Even though I am mighty curious as to what aspect of the internet I may come across. Any other brave souls out there ?

It’s a device you can use to electrocute yourself more conveniently.

Better not click that link! Your computer will most certainly blow up.
Naw, really, it’s pretty damn funny.

Agh! Dammit! I’m having a dilemma here, to press or not press that’s the question.

I’m not so cautious when I am in danger, but my lovely new laptop…NO…I…I, I just can’t do it!