Villa Anna - Construction animation and camera flight


Please read before just clicking a link. :wink: Well I’ll put the link of the video first as you can see, so there’s less chance that you spoiler yourself.

I mean a construction animation makes not much sense, if you already know how the building will look like? :eyebrowlift2: Or let’s say, it’s more interesting. Thats the reason why I didn’t use the attach-picture-option.

5min video with music (starting at ~15sec):
already in 720p:
or standard res:

And here a picture, in case you want to spoiler yourself. :smiley:

Well, I don’t know when I will have enough motivation to take the time and continue this project. But I guess the “Work in Progress” area is still the correct place to put it. :cool:

I will add a “BI vs. Cycles” comparison of a few renders when I have put them together.

Have a nice render-weekend! :eyebrowlift: