Villa Överby

(SoulToSqueeze) #1

A personal project: visualisation of Villa Överby by John Robert Nilsson Arkitektkontor.
Visualisations were created basing on photographs by Åke Eson Lindman and John Robert Nilsson.

Blender for modelling, Cycles for rendering, all post-production in Blender. Rocks are from Quixel Megascans “Forest Undergrowth” pack.

full resolution images:
Ambient Occlusion:


(ItalianJoy) #2

I am absolutely amazed by this! Every detail is perfect! Also those are lovely HDRIs! I hope that someday I’m able to produce such quality renders. The second image is my favorite, with the pillows around the fireplace.

(SoulToSqueeze) #3

@ItalianJoy the HDRIs are free 4K resolution images from

(Joan Savalli) #4

Very nice work and especially lighting , can i ask you what is your hdri settup ?

(yandrychoy) #5

WOW, Amazing work…Congratulations!..Could you share the glass nodes…Thanks

(soul) #6

I want to live there.

(SoulToSqueeze) #7

Here are my hdri setup, and glass nodes. For hdri the “rotate Z” node group is from Pro Lighting Skies add-on.

(yandrychoy) #8

Thanks…and…the background (lake, trees, etc) looks pretty good too…it´s an image or it was modeled too?

(SoulToSqueeze) #9

It’s all 3D, here is Ambient Occlusion pass from the last image.

(Joan Savalli) #10

Thanks squeeze but how it’s possible to render all this tree ? ( you use the grove or something like that ???)

(SoulToSqueeze) #11

@Joan Savalli there are about 4 or 5 different tree models used, a few on the foreground are placed manually, the rest in the background are distributed by particle systems. Models are from Evermotion, with a bit of my editing.

(SunBurn) #12

Excellent Work!
Totally Impressed.
If you don’t mind please share the rendering settings, hardware specs and render times.
I’m curious…does all these trees fit on your GPU!!!:eek:

(SoulToSqueeze) #13

@SunBurn I don’t remember exact times of render, I usually set it on 1000 samples and pause when I think it’s ready. The second scene went pretty fast - about 50 minutes, I think mostly thanks to clamp direct at value of 1.8. The first two rendered for about 6-8 hours. I have 2 GPUs: GTX 970(4GB) and GTX 1070(8GB), two first scenes fit on both cards, the last one had to be rendered on 1070 only, it weighs about 6 GB.

(Photox) #14

Absolutely gorgoreous, this is inspirational.

(Okavango) #15

Superb result!

Excellent ambience and archviz elements, the materials (glass and floor tiles especially), the details and postpro. And all done in blender… Care to share some postpro tips?

(SoulToSqueeze) #16

Thank you guys very much for the apperciation,
@Okavango what makes the floor tiles special is that they are flully procedural, I also like the result :slight_smile:
My tips about postpro? I think it’s crucial to use a mist pass when such a distance is visible, that’s how I add it:

I also add fog glow on the environment pass and mix it with the image using aplha pass as factor, not to make background too bright, I only want glow over rendered objects. Simplified, without color corrections it’s something like this:

And on top of everything theres always vignette:

The rest is mostly color corrections, curves, I often tweak the blue channel curve, to make lights a bit more yellow, shadows more blue.

(Okavango) #17

Thank you very much, those are some expert pointers! Well deserved 5 stars…

(marckiener) #18

This is simply just stunning!

(j1g4r) #19

The production is awesome.
But I think you should give some glow or glare to lamps inside. Else it will look like this much light without any lamps turned on?
Keep it up.

(SoulToSqueeze) #20

Sorry for a late reply, I didn’t check this post for some time.

@marckeiner Thank you :slight_smile:

@j1g4r Good idea, I would have done that if the light sources were directly visible. And actually the lights are faked by simple light planes directed up and down, now I noticed that there’s a line visible, where the plane intersects with the fireplace. Thanks for the compliment :slight_smile: