Villa Savoye //architectural visualization exercise

A simple architectural visualization exercise.

The building is Villa Savoye, designed by Le Corbusier and built 1929 to 1931. I changed the location of the actual villa savoye in Poissy France to a cold & rainy beach. As a visualization exercise, I just modeled the enviroment (floor & beach)

I imported the building from an .obj file and I obtained the car from blendswap ( made by the user zenox3d.

The post production made in Gimp following the ideas of Bintang Senja Pratama in his tutorial found here:

The final Image:

Thanks for watching!

i like it! add distant lightning.


Shift verticals

Kind regards

Thanks mates! I’ll take your advices gratefully

@Alain “shift verticals” means increasing focal length or reduce it ?? In this image I used 22 millimeters. I’m starting with architectural visualization so I’m not very familiar with the technical language

Nice clouds and overall lighting.

It probably means that your vertical lines are not parallel. You can achieve that by rotating the camera to be strictly horizontal (rotated only around global Z axis). This way you will have your horizon right in the middle of the frame. You can than shift the lens in Y axis (in Blender it is under the focal lenght setting) to achieve the right composition.

Love the colors, very nice work

some contrast with sky, please

Thanks everybody for taking your time to comment, I’ll take your advices!..

@maraCZ: special Thanks to you!.. very clear explanation. I’ll check it & fix it