Villa Spee

(Zorian) #1

Non-commercial project made in one day. The building and environment are based on Villa Spee te Haelen by Lab32 architecten. I wanted to create only one/two shots so I decided to change some aspects of the building.
The project is made in Blender and rendered using Corona Standalone 1.6.3

Credits info:
Bike is created by Ruff:

Porsche is modelled by Vido89:

Used grass from Graswald. Incomming Blender addon

Used textures from

More shots:

(serviteur) #2

Thanks for sharing this Nice work.

can you post the Glass node, lighting and render settings?

(burnin) #3

you missed the point… ARCHITECTURE is art… and as all lines lead to the center - & it’s a living space, yet heart is non existent (no interior, no life… utilitarian only)

good effort tho
keep strong

(Iridesium) #4

This is really good work! keep it up