this is my last work, I hope you like it
Cycles render 1500 samples no PP

Image modified based on comments

I like the cat. This looks really beautiful! One thing that I would change though is the plants on the top right. They just look too soft, especially with the Aloe plant. maybe reduce the subsurface scattering a little bit in the aloe leaves.

Wow! The first time I saw it I thought it was Spain :wink: But I see we are close neighbors. It has a very Mediterranean atmosphere.
Lighting is very natural and you have paid attention to every little detail. There is a lot of work behind it.
I disagree with austin30 about the plants. I think they are perfectly shaded and materials are great.

Only one little, little, little thing. Does the cat have fur, or is it only difuse material? In the case it doesn’t have fur, maybe you should consider to give it some. It would improve, even more, the scene’s realism.

This image deserves, for me, a Top Row mention. Congratulations!

Thanks you for your comments and remarks.
To austint30 : For the plants I modified the shader I hope You find them more credibles.
To Mr. Chuan : First I love your work :slight_smile:
Now for the cat, he has already a fur but you are right even in full screen it is not evident. I changed a little bit the fur structure, tell me…
(sorry for my bad english :/)

Wonderful lighting and materials, Could you share your light and render setup, please

Thank you for your kind words, grabeunwik. I appreciate them.

Now I can see better the fur on the cat! :wink: Your image is stunning and it breathes naturalism. Congratulations again!

To Mr Chuan : Thanks again and I’m happy the cat is Ok now :wink:
To Falco : There is only an HDRI .

aloe vera and the nopal looks cool

Really nice render! Great job!