Village By Night - F.Weibel

Hi !

My latest work:

I hope you like it !

Great style,
The only thing I don’t like is the curvy road. I rather see it rounder.

I love the look, but I feel that it is too empty ( no people and few plants ). It feels "lonely.

However, if you intended it to be scary, then, the lighting is too “friendly” for that effect.

I LOVE IT! Could you render one 1600x900 for me? :smiley: I would love to use it as a background.

Thanks !

The goal was not to make a scary scene, but simply a quiet, and a little bit worrying/disturbing night ambiance. this is why there is not a lot of elements like humans or plants

thank you. here is a bigger render:
(2000px x 800px)

Thank you so much! @_@

one thing that you could improve, (I guess you’ve used spot-lights to light the areas around the lamps), is to go to the “shadow and spot” window for the lamps and increase the “SpotBl” to make the lighted areas smoother.

I don’t know if you’ve got the “hard” lights you have now because it’s your style but that’s what I would’ve done : )

i love it … but i think it could use some more anti-aliasing :slight_smile:

I used point lamps, with custom falloff curve. no spot. it’s was a cartoon effect I wanted in my scene :wink:

yes maybe…I spent a lot of time by choosing an appropriate filter. I finally set "“mitch” with a size of 1.1, 8 samples. then a sharpen filter (factor = 0.15) was used in the composition. I love that filter, because it increase the contrast on the edges, and gives a nice “surnatural” effect