Village by the sea

Been working on a small set of old-style shops along the ocean. Spent a good chunk of time getting the basic composite and backdrop put together, so i figure it’s far enough along now to show someone (basically untextured atm):

And here’s a clay render, since the actual geometry is kinda hard to see in the rendered version due to the noise:


Quick update: Done a lot more work on the composite settings, and added a few more materials, and a few textures are in place now (most are still missing, like the buildings). Btw, the fence texture is messed up, I know, ignore it.

I re-did the displacement map for the street, but I’m still not happy with the result. It’s still obviously tiled. :mad: Need to find a better solution there.

I like it, especially the atmosphere of the light. And you really enhanced the lighting of the grass in the background. Is the grass done with a particle system? This looks really great.

It’s work in progress and the following things are perhaps on your to-do list anyway, but there are two things, which are a bit off in my opinion. First is the reflection on the street. With the sun in the middle of the scene, the reflection should also be in the middle of the street, because the camera receives their rays frontal. And - I honestly have never seen such a pavement. I would expect something like that on the floor of a corridor, when shot with a macro lens :). How about some cobblestones?

Best regards


Most of the textures are done, except for the street. The other main thing to add is a cloaked figure who will be standing in the street looking towards the sunset. And my current todo list:

axe? woodpile? - something for alongside blacksmith shopAdd person!
person's boots
persons's cloak
take 3 on the road displacement map *sigh*
lamp glass panels
water leaking from barrel?
increase wood bump..or something to make it less flat/smooth
doorknob material?
grass material sucks
sand dune tex?
bevel roof?
fix anvil logo, it sucks
sidewalk is too glossy

fix silly looking lens flare on streetlamp (comp)
render is too dark