Villager Top Hat - Fable Character


This is a character in the game “Fable” that I made based on the concept of artist Alessandro Baldasseroni. I hope you enjoy! =)

Clay Render:

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3D View:

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I’m not sure about the look of that silver shirt and a hat texture but the rest is just outstanding; let me call you one of the best modellers working with Blender that I know, my congratulations! And since it’s a character from “Fable” could I take a look at wire to check complexity of this model? 5 stars from me, buddy, there’s no doubt about it!

We enjoy (me, at least). Bravo :slight_smile:

Outstanding indeed.

Killer model, +1 @rozmiarek about hat and shirt’s texture. Congrats

Rozmiarek, first thank you for the compliments, especially coming from a great artist like you. The texture of the hat and shirt is a gray leather. The wire:


Zander Nicolic, Michalis and marcoG_ita, thank you very much! =)

Really nice! Well done!

Please don’t use imageshack though it’s just horrible.
Dropbox is great for sharing work. Just put your images in the public folder and paste the link.

Ben_Lind, thanks for the comment and tip! :wink: