vilvei - Sketchbook

Hello. Started this sketchbook to have something done. I hope that showing to everybody else my doodles will be liberating.

I’m not total noob with Blender. Don’t need to google all the time where is stuff and how to use it. But then again, I haven’t actually finished anything yeat. On the other hand, I want to get solid basics before massive challenges.

I participated #SculptJanuary in Facebook, and that was most awesome. I can’t draw, so sculpting is my way to get things into shape quite fast. And that is something I really enjoy doing. Drawing capabilites wouldn’t hurt, I have seen.

I’ll post some of my #SulptJanuary stuff here, and then after some recent.



Eye area:



male, amazed looking:

Later I noticed it reminded a bit of Bill Plympton…

Practicing sculplting good faces. I’m not that into great realism, just making faces with some kind of character, not just the prototype guy or gal.

Women. Not there yet, feminine is hard!

keep practicing

I have been busy, but also practising.

Sculpted, decimated, color by dirty vertex colors + color ramp.

Sculpted, retopoed, normal baking from sculpt, colors with dirty vertex colors + color ramp. Practising also particle hair. Has also teeth.


Made by same steps:

Making hair is difficult and slow!



I’m finally getting the hang of the hair. Looks way better than… a week ago or something.

More hair!

Star bunny: Carrot King defeated.

Jep, I’ve been busy. Animated character, used rigify and added head-lattice and mesh-deformer to eyes.

Will post other characters as well…

And my profile pic as large version. Fully animated too. And yes, the hair is styled, not trying to be too realistic.

Last several pictures look really good (and Putin too)… What did you use for skin material? What gave it the bump? Also, can you recommend me a good tutorial on how to make smooth shaped heads, like the ones you made on your profile picture and the picture before? Aaaaaaand can you tell me how did you make the hair (recommend me a tutorial)?

Sorry for so many requests, hope you’ll answer. :slight_smile:

Nice to see somebody is interested. Thanks man. I’ll try to answer.

Basicly, everything is simple. Cartoon characters needs simplicity.

Skin is the simplest SSS that Cycles has. The key is to have good colors to Radius property. I found it from documentation: “A skin-toned SSS shader with color radius (1.0, 0.8, 0.5).”

It also has glossy with frenel. See the picture.
Bumps are just noise texture connected to displacement. See the same picture.

The hair is also about the simplest there is. I didn’t want the most realistic, because when I tried it, it didn’t look good on this head. But two things I did differently than before: There is two hair-sculps, because it was easier to modify it into two separate diretions. And more the B-splines steps, the more fluid the hair has in rendering (it also takes more memory I think). Other settings are only: hairNumber: 400, children: 300 interpolated, CyclesHair shape -0.4, ThicknessRoot: 0.2, Tip: 0.01. Nvidia drivers just updated, and I’m having trouble with the materials tab… so I’ll get back to it.

One of the best Blender hair tuts I have watched is this by Rico Cilliers:

To get smooth characters I just retopo them. It’s fun with the head and face, even when it takes couple of hours.

Thanks for the vast explanation, it sure will be useful! Keep on posting, you are good! :slight_smile: