Vimeo video links no longer display on the page.

Hi Webmasters,

It used to be that I could paste my Vimeo video link into a page using the video button and the video would show up on the page. Now this site just shows a link to the video. Is this broken? Is this a policy change or am I just doing it wrong.

For example:

Sometimes I’m just to bright for my own good. I was just about to post a test when I thought -“Hmm… https…? S…? Really?” and thus deleted the ‘s’. Et voilá, it works like a charm! I rule! :smiley:

And, I mean, how secure do you really need to be watching a video? :wink:

Ah, thank you!

I have been just copying the URL right from the page for years. I guess the ‘s’ is new with Vimeos new look.

no https means just that the website uses an ssl certificate for securing the website (should just be needed for logins) encrypts all data

the videos are the same