Vincent rig with 2.91 and Child of Constraint problem

I am having a strange issue. with using the child of constraint. I have my Vincent rig downloaded. If I use the child of constraint on a box it works perfectly. If I use the child of constraint on the microphone it breaks the rig. The color section of bones goes away. If I use a library override, it works without a problem, but then I can’t adjust or key any of the rig features. Using a proxy fixes that, but I can’t use the child of constraint. I have also tired placing the child of constraint on a an empty. which works. If I parent the mic to the empty, it breaks the rig. So it is something with the mic. Has anything seen this problem? Do you know of a way to get around this? This is the Mic:

File isn’t much use-- there’s no rig in there, just the mic.

If you can child-of the empty without a problem, how about if you child-of the mic to the empty instead? Or just parent it directly.

Be careful of dependency loops though. And I notice you’ve got two child-ofs on your mic, hope you’re planning on only using one or the other at the same time.

Thanks for your help, one is for the left hand 1 and for the right. I figured out a work around and setting the bones to show in front. I think this is a bug: Really strange behavior.