Vincent's Night.

Trying out something new,

The raytracing technique is sleek!

It shortens the time for making mirror reflection by 4 times compared to the environment mapping technique ^.^!

I also tried the misty glow effects, thanks to Zsolt (I hope I spelt that right).

Well, here it is …

I hope you’ve enjoyed it,


Oh yes! Wounderfull! Can you post a screenshot rfom the scene?

Nice and shiny damn can you have that as a gift for my girlfriend :slight_smile:

Nice texture and lighting man. ^____^

Would be nice if it had a bit more things in it. Feels empty to me when its just 3 ball.

Sure Kothe, here you go.

I don’t know but I think that screenshot is going to take a long time to load.

Looks very cool. I’d tune down the brightness a bit to make the black-blue-white transition longer. I think the white washed-out area is too big at the moment.

If those are rain drops i think there to circular. :o

Yeah, I noticed that too, I should’ve turned that area lamp’s energy down a bit :slight_smile: thanks Yfkar.

Haha, no they’re not raindops LoonieToon. They’re just some simple magical rbs floating above the water.

I’m not that good to be making rain drops yet.

Thanks for the comment guys.


:o is that water??

i would love a tutorial on how to make something like that!!

nice work!

Thanks artist

Yes artist, they’re water.

The tutorial from the Blender Manual show you how to make this effect.

Really impressive!Well done ! Can you post a link to the tut ?


happy blendering,