Vinland: 1936 A turn based strategy WWII alternative history game

It’s been a while since I posted here, but I continue to work on my project, which continues to be powered by the Blender Game Engine.


nice work. Does the blue field when you click on a group of soldiers show where they can go?

Yes, the blue zone shows areas where you can move, and the arrow shows how many action points will be used to get there:
is one action point
is two
would be three action points.
Most units have only two action points, but there are ways of increasing the action point pool above 3…

Latest gameplay video.
Added new vehicles, new buildings and added a wind effect to trees an bushes (look carefully) :slight_smile:


OMG all this in BGE :scream:


Thats really an amazing work you are doing! Continue the great job!

Thanks, yes it’s all in BGE and running at 60fps.
Next up I’m going to work on the UI.

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Great game. How far we are from playable demo? :sunglasses:

Coming soon.
I’ve got to improve the User Interface first and do some more work on objectives and the AI.
But it’s nearly ready for an alpha test.

Great. Can’t wait to try your game! :slight_smile:

Are you going to sell it on a platform like steam or game jolt?

Great project! How is UI development going?