Vinland: 1936 A turn based strategy WWII alternative history game

(Smoking_mirror) #1

It’s been a while since I posted here, but I continue to work on my project, which continues to be powered by the Blender Game Engine.

(Nicholas_A) #2

nice work. Does the blue field when you click on a group of soldiers show where they can go?

(Smoking_mirror) #3

Yes, the blue zone shows areas where you can move, and the arrow shows how many action points will be used to get there:
is one action point
is two
would be three action points.
Most units have only two action points, but there are ways of increasing the action point pool above 3…

(Smoking_mirror) #4

Latest gameplay video.
Added new vehicles, new buildings and added a wind effect to trees an bushes (look carefully) :slight_smile:

(Fred/K.S) #5

OMG all this in BGE :scream:


(Ludovic_L) #6

Thats really an amazing work you are doing! Continue the great job!

(Smoking_mirror) #7

Thanks, yes it’s all in BGE and running at 60fps.
Next up I’m going to work on the UI.

(CYNIC78) #8

Great game. How far we are from playable demo? :sunglasses:

(Smoking_mirror) #9

Coming soon.
I’ve got to improve the User Interface first and do some more work on objectives and the AI.
But it’s nearly ready for an alpha test.

(CYNIC78) #10

Great. Can’t wait to try your game! :slight_smile:

(Ludovic_L) #11

Are you going to sell it on a platform like steam or game jolt?