Vin's back and he needs help!

Okay well i recently caught a virus and my computer crashed. I haven’t been able to get around to blender either as of right now. I need some help though! I’m thinking about making a movie called talentula but I need a starting title! I was hoping you guys could make me one? Please! Lol anyway basically high gloss white block letters. Saying TALENTULA. I would also enjoy it a bundle if a furry tarantula was climbing the first L. Please help me out here! Also expect it to be considered not yours lol. I’m going to say I did it to impress my friend.Thinks i’m a computer god and need to keep it that way. Anyway vin signing out.

Here is some reference: Also a large white floor and white background would be great kind of like in the pixar logo. Anyway thanks!

Let me get this straight: You want someone to make FOR you a nontrivial 3d scene, and assign you exclusive liscence or ownership, for free, for a movie you’re just THINKING about making, so you can LIE to your “friend” about it and inflate your ego?

Maybe I’m just having a bad day, but my first reaction is “… No. … No! Hell no, man!”. Second thoughts are hoping that the movie you want to make is not 3d if you can’t deal with a title in it.

Also, WIP is not probably the place for something that is not yet a W yet, let alone IP. I think they do the requests posts in one of OT or News.

Rofl okay maybe I misworded this. I’ve reconsidered and doing the logo you would get credit though no money or exclusive rights. I think at the point in time I should have reread my post. Note I haven’t been on in a while and may have temporarily become noobsih. It’s not going to be a movie but a website. I will redo the logo also. I need a temporary satisfactory logo. I have asked for help with logos in the past.

Having a history of being a lazy beggar does not make this request more reasonable, and definitely won’t make anyone more likely to help.

Please . . . try not to be a loser.

I hope your friend sees this post one day.

So by doing a website I assume you have experience with html?.. But that is another topic.
Why dont you go to wikipedia and search for blender tuts, you arent creating art by asking for someone else to do it for you… instead you are being lazy and in the case of the original post outright lieing about someones art which they are spending time too do for you.
Why dont you start simply by creating 2 cubes, linking them subsurfing them and going into MS paint to put in any titles etc. It wont look gallery worthy… but it will be a start, then ask for crits on this thread- we will give them too you and even direct you too tutorials which may be beneficial for the problem at hand. exp: Hair strands.
what will you be more proud of, a grand piece of work done by someone else or a O-K piece which you spent countless hours on?

oh, by the way… in the first post you said you where making a movie… do you really know what you are doing?..

Bastards u caught me :smiley:

Oh yeh I will do your title , or better I will make a short animation with Tarantulas but here it goes :)) being my art will be all right mine and I will have all the money :))

SO in the end you are A LAMMER.

Admins , put it on ban for 12 weeks to limit his temptations