Vintage Coke Machine

This is a Vendo 110 do be specific. This model has been lying around incomplete for about six months now, so i figured i would quickly finish it. Here goes:

nice model, but i hate coca-cola

Nice model, i love Coca-Cola :smiley: You should put it on or Turbosquid and try and sell it…thats what i would do if it was my model :wink: Also, could u post a wireframe?

really good mate, love the styla and the texturing

Thanks for the (overall) positive feedback.

I’m posting this model on Turbosquid, but apparently someone filed a DMCA complaint against the site for hosting Coca-Cola related products so I have to use the Editorial license…bleh.

As for the wireframes, sorry Blender cant seem to handle it too well as i tried to do it today. besides, the topology is a little lousy in places, most of it was done when i was newer to blender.

and another render (i love how a bottle cost only ten cents back in the day…):

lol it still only costs ten cents in south america, if you live in the jungle where there is barely any money P:

The model is quite nice . Its best part is it can take money also…