Vintage Console TV - Game Asset

My goal: To create game asset in a short time frame with a reasonable number of polygons, and that had scalable textures to allow the asset to be used in a variety of applications. I chose to go with something more nostalgic for me, a subject that made me think of childhood trips to my grandparent’s house, laying on the floor in the living room.

The nitty gritty:
Modeled in 2.93, textured with Quixel Mixer
4k textures: Albedo, roughness, metal, normals, displacement, ambient occlusion
5511 verts, 7952 triangles

If I were to attempt this again in the future, I would add more geometry around the screen bezel and knobs, and simplify the feet. I might do another grunge pass too, though this does have handprint stains, scratches and worn edges, and a light dust layer. Someone elsewhere suggested that I should have stuck with a black and white model, rather than color. I chose to go with color in keeping with the memories.

Thanks for looking, and I welcome any feedback.


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