Vintage living room

(Madrid82) #1

Hi, this is my last project. I hope you like it.

Blender Cycles 2.71. Gpu render, 2800 samples.

(justinodunn) #2

Wow, very impressed! amazing work :slight_smile:

(nikitron) #3

power mood

(DomenicoAcito) #4

I love it, in particolare the mood! :open_mouth:

(navybrat) #5

awesome work!! impressive

(niebieski) #6

Really impressive, i love everything from those images.

(Madrid82) #7

Thank you very much Justinodunn! I am glad you like it.

(Madrid82) #8

Thank you very much nikitron. Thanks for comment.

(Madrid82) #9

Thank you very much DomenicoAcito! I understand the mood is like the ambient, ¿no?

(Madrid82) #10

[QUOTE=navybrat;2703560]awesome work!! impressive[/Q

Thank you very much Navybrat! Thanks for your comment.

(Madrid82) #11

I am glad you like all images. Thank you very much Niebieski.

(ROUBAL) #12

Great work ! So many details ! I really like it !

(Madrid82) #13

Thank you very much Roubal, I am happy because you like it.

(niebieski) #14

Can I ask you how did you achieved so smooth lightning in the evening scene with the lights on.
You use ies lights or simple lights? It’s so realistic.

(downfall61) #15

The first image is really amazing! Great work! :slight_smile:

(Remade) #16

superb image - everything adds up,great attention to detail.i like the fine tuned materials.the warm sun coming into the room feels very realistic.

(BartRaeves) #17

I really like that I see something else then a modern interior. The overall atmosphere, lighting and the modelling are the big plusses of this render.

The only negative i could say are the proportions of some elements. I can’t help but feeling the floor boards are too big.
And some proportions of objects compared to each other look slighly off.

Hope it helps. Great job

(Johnson-Martin) #18

I agree with Bart Raeves! Older scene are a lot nicer to see for me. Often the modern interiors are so minimalist and often try to pass it of as such, so not to do so much work.

And I’m not sure but i think you where doing for sort of a surreal look. If so I would Make the proportions off more. Or if you are not going for that look at some references and use real world units to get the right scale.

(blue box) #19

Very nice!! :yes:

(mik.a.) #20

I agree with everything said BartRarves, good work :slight_smile: