Vintage Robots

I haven’t started yet but my next WIP is going to be one these cool robots I found here
I really like the materials and the vintage look they each have. I know I’m jumping the gun without having a lick of art posted but I couldn’t help myself…

Wow, those robots are really cool!

If you want some additional reference pictures for vintage tech type stuff, you might look here:

I’ve never actually bought anything from them but they sell old books on old technology; as their website says, “Foundry, machine shop, engraving, plastic molding, old time radio, lightning bolt generators, chemistry, survival, alternate energy, science, physics, amateur radio, booze, Tesla, magnets, photography, patents, clocks, hot air engine construction, embalming, steam power, and much, much more…” Weird stuff, but cool looking!

I was thinking of using one of his robots as a base but the more stuff that I come across including the site you mentioned I’ll probably whip up my own. I just sat down and started drawing it on paper so I have something to work with. Otherwise I’ll be chasing that thought in my head and constantly making changes. Thanks for the site… I will definitley use it for reference!

Reminds me of Wallace and Gromit… :smiley:

same here:rolleyes:


these robots are really begging to be modelled… nice website!
Find more weird but fun robot stuff here.