Vintage Study in Summer

Hey guys, I’ve been working on an environment piece for a while. This is the first time I’ve done a non-character or prop project in a loooong time. I hope you like it! It was a nice change of pace! I really learned a lot on this one. It’s a home office sometime in the 60s or 70s. I hope you like it! C&C always appreciated!

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Very nice work. Good atmosphere and rustic feel.

Another wonderful piece from you. Never ceasing to amaze us, I see. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much GraphiX!

Thanks Reyn! I appreciate it. I actually poked through CMV learning tricks quite a bit making this piece. It’s a really invaluable tool!

It’s impossible not to like it, excellent work.


How’d you do the dust in the air?

Thanks so much Horizon!

I wondered if anyone would recognize it! I enjoyed hiding the Tanuki in there.
The dust is just composited afterwards with a screened image, I tried image based particles initially, but this caused quite a bit of lag and compositing became the easier solution.

This looks Great!

Wow, such a great atmosphere and so much detail!

The only thing that looks a bit off to me is the carpet :wink:

Awesome! Great mood and lighting! :yes:

Incredible… nothing more to say really. Just incredible! :slight_smile:

5 stars

Nice! :slight_smile: Good job man!!!

Looks great man. The modeling is intense and the whole scene gives an aged vibe.

Side note: Baton Rouge, LA is my home town :slight_smile:

r.e.a.l.l.y. nice! I like it a lot.

The scene outside the window matches the interior in look and tone. Not something that can always be said with these interior room shots.

Wow. Better than a photograph.

Very nice…It’s not hard to get in a mood…And there is so much to look at…Well done…:slight_smile:


Wow, I’d love to work in that place. Nice job.

I love love this work, eggyolk. There’s so much visual interest and attention to detail, and fantastic lighting and color scheme! There’s a whole story being told. I have one minor critique, which is that the swing-arm lamp blends into the surrounding objects and could be separated more from the background. I think it’s the placement of the little notes that’s confusing my eye (were there post-it notes in the 70’s?).

I keep wanting to explore this image more and more!

Sorry, I am a beginner. When you textured these models, did you use Image Textures for everything or are there certain materials where you can be more “lenient on the realism?”

I’m glad you finished it. I enjoyed seeing your progress on the Discord Blender chat. Looks great!